About Us

Medpro Clinic Group is a privately held healthcare company specializing in primary care and rehabilitation centers in Sweden, located in the Västra Götaland Region, where Gothenburg makes it the number two most populated part of Sweden only surpassed by the Stockholm Region. The founders of Medpro are medical doctors and one of the co-founders, Dr. Hans Wittrup, M.D., Ph.D., is still President and CEO of the Group.


Medpro was founded already in 1998 as a recruitment company for medical doctors with operations in UK and Scandinavia and with recruitment from all over Europe. This part of the company was successfully sold of in 2011 and since then the Group has grown to own and operate 6 large primary care centers caring for over 40.000 patients as well as 6 rehabilitation centers.


The primary care centers and rehabilitation centers employ approximately 250 people, specialist doctors, doctors in specialist training, nurses and specialist nurses, assistant nurses and lab assistants, medical secretaries and receptionists, psychologists and psycho-social assistants as well as physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Medpro Clinic believes that a diversified group of people makes up the best teams and we have more than 10 nationalities working for us. We also believe in staff development and all staff in Medpro Clinic are offered psychometric testing upon employment to see their personal strengths and drivers to make it possible to coach them how to best fit into the team. We try to live our corporate values of Happy, Brave and Honest on a day-to-day basis and through the strategic decision of investing in the renovation of our facilities under the management of our own architect, a calm and stress free environment is our goal where our dedicated and professional staff can serve our patients in the best possible way, never forgetting that everything starts and ends with the patient.


Clinics are operated with a decentralized local management and driven forward by highly professional teams and report to the central management headed by CEO, COO and CFO, offering a team with expertise in financial, human resource, design and architecture as well as general managerial services. The Group sees more than 125.000 patients a year and answers more than 150.000 phone calls by patients. All clinics are highly ranked in the yearly national patient survey.


The Group is preparing for further growth both in terms of more primary care centers, rehabilitation centers as well as more specialist services. The Group already offers specialist dermatology treatment with focus on light treatment of psoriasis and eczema patients as well as a large travel vaccination outfit and is getting ready to offer certain gynecological services as well as certain other specialist doctor services. In addition the Group was chosen by the Västra Götaland Region to operate a regional mobile center of drug rehabilitation focusing on the 65.000 individuals in the Region, who are maintaining a normal life, but are dependent on opioids or sleep medication.


If you find that Medpro Clinc Group is a potentially interesting employer for you do not hesitate to contact us through our online job platform found elsewhere on this web page and if you have a general interest as a stakeholder or an investor in healthcare you are welcome to contact our CEO, Dr. Hans Wittrup by email at hhw@medpro.eu