Medpro on Quality

Quality and quality control are something that concerns all businesses, and this is also something Medpro Clinic have been working actively on. All clinics within Medpro Clinic are approved by Västra Götalands primary care which implies that they fulfill Västra Götaland Region requirements and conditions. We have also quality mangers and medical directors which performs internal revisions, to review that the determined routines and process descriptions are followed and thereby ensure that we conduct a systematical improvement in our work.

We can guarantee our patients a high and sustainable quality in our clinic and the care that we offer, by constantly carry out improvement work with different LEAN-projects. The goal with these LEAN-projects are to systematically increase the efficiency of the company, while at the same time minimize all existing waste of resources.


We have a well-functioning management system that we work with to maintain the level of quality that we work for. The management system corresponds to the requirements of the National Board of Health’s regulations, which means that we have written routines and checklists for all critical aspects of the business. We are also conducting development work within the efficiency of our on-call service, which results in a constant increase of quality in service and information security for patients.

To be able to offer a guaranteed level of quality throughout the whole business, Medpro Clinic have chosen to participate in the following quality registries: SveDem, NDR and LVR.