Work Environment & Safety

Ida Larsson, Head of Operations Stavre, is working with work environment, health and safety for all Medpro Clinics health centers and has a Bachelor of philosophy in Human Factors, as well as a technology degree in ergonomics/MTO.

The work environment in Medpro Clinic should be such that those who work with us do not suffer from ill health or harm because of the work and that they thrive and can evolve both professionally and as individuals. The work environment should be a part of all the decisions that are made, and all the activities undertaken.

We do not accept any form of bullying or harassment at our workplace. Our work environment must be characterized by a transparency and all individuals should be treated equally and with respect.

We shall at least comply with the occupational health and safety legislation we are covered by and strive to continuously improve our work environment, both organizationally and socially as well as physically.

At our workplace, it means that:

  • The work environment is a natural part in our daily work.
  • The work environment is done in collaboration with the employer, employee and safety officer.
  • Managers and safety officers have/gets the correct knowledge, competence, resources and authority to work for a good and safe work environment.
  • All employees get the introduction and education needed to be able to work safely.
  • In case of changes, we investigate, and risk assess our physical as well as our organizational and social work environment to take the necessary steps to create a safe and secure workplace.
  • All incidents and accidents that occurs are reported and investigated so we can take actions accordingly.
  • Work environment factors is always taken into consideration for all types of purchases.
  • We comply with the legislation in the workplace environment and we reach our work environment goals.
  • We follow up on our systematical work environment work, yearly.